How to make your shop signs stand out

Your shop signs must stand out from the crowd if you are on a busy high street, with high footfall. Successful shop signs have impact because of innovative design. Does your shop or retail outlet stand out from your competitors? Does your shop sign grab attention? Is your business bought to life by your shop signage?   Do you encourage people to enter because of attractive signs?

Make  your Shop Signs stand out from the crowd

As you read all this article you learn some secrets of HOW

Attract and stimulate

Shop signage is a powerful medium. Shop signs should attract customers. Shop signs should stimulate sales. They promote your shop. Importantly shop signs create a first and lasting impression. You need to make sure your shop signage displays a positive impression. What impression do your signs present? Are you welcoming, professional and attractive? Then look at your interior – what do customers see and feel once they have entered? Do your signs direct them and inform them or do you just abandon them? Grab their attention. Customers are now open to suggestions, so use it. Promote your shop with great internal signs.

Avoid being effectively invisible.

On the high street, your shop signs need to grab attention. Look at what your neighbours and competitors are doing. Then talk to your sign maker. Impact is the result of great design and that comes from a creative graphic designer, using colours and images. Remember, it must reflect your corporate image.

Of course signage is just part of attracting attention. There is also the question of the whole shop front which may be painted. Colour, on shop signs or shop fronts is a strong attraction method on the high street. As an example, a shop in a bustling south Devon town named Red decided to launch with the whole shop front painted red. As it was in a conservation area it caused stirring comments which went on for as few months. But it gained the shop huge free publicity and after a few months the business was successful enough to change the colour. Everybody knew about Red !!

Dress your shop window to catch the eye

Creating awareness on the high street is essential. Be eye catching. Research reports that 82% of shoppers bought on impulse because of outdoor images. The shop sign image you present needs to attract. The shop sign must be reassuring.   It must encourage choice for you. Scruffy signs portray a scruffy business. Your shop sign must project quality, service and trust.

Extend your shop sign on the street

Remember your shop sign is above eye level. Extend your shop sign by using window decals and other graphics. Catch the eye of passing customers. Tell them about special offers, or in store promotions. Read the KBS Signs blog about A Boards as well. Yet another aspect that your sign maker can advise on and show you how to take advantage.

Shop signs inside information

Look at how you promote inside. You need to create a great shopping experience. Ensure your interior shop signs display clear communications.   Show and tell the customer what is where. Establish a connection between your shopper, products and their purchase. They need information inside.   Carry your brand / corporate identity from the outside shop sign into the interior of your shop. Inspire the shopper to talk about their experience and to return.

Shop signage is not just about a name – it projects:

  • Recommendations
  • Connections
  • Information
  • Education

Inspire the shopper.

Look at how to promote your shop signage on to the pavement…without upsetting the shoppers or council !!! A simple way is to use A boards. Read the KBS Signs blog about A Boards as well. They can be successful in promoting special offers or events. Again have them professionally produced rather than some scribbly writing on a blackboard !!! The entire footfall passing your shop, and that may be thousands every day, will see an A Board.   Have a talk to your sign maker. Listen and learn from them. They have innovative solutions covering all sorts of locations and situations.

Pick up the phone today and speak to KBS Signs – 01392 823735

Your sign maker is your professional consultant and producer. Knowledge and skill has come from their specialism in sign making. Put simply – listen to what they say and suggest, because the choices and solutions available will amaze you.

Signage is powerful. Make sure you take full advantage for the benefit of your shop.

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