Outdoor signs – 5 tips to success

Outdoor signs reach everyone. You see signs everywhere, everyday, and every hour. Outdoor signs promote a business, direct people or traffic or announce an event. Whether it’s a free standing A board, or on a building exterior, Outdoor signs create an impression. You need to make sure they say the right things. What impression do your signs present? Outdoor signs are a powerful media and create lasting impressions. Arguably, they are the most powerful advertising medium available. Make sure your outdoor sign stands out from the crowd either with its message or with its design, or both! Avoid your signs being effectively invisible.

Read this article, and you will learn the 5 tips to Outdoor Signage Success.

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So Here are your Outdoor Signs – 5 tips:

Tip 1 – Think about the setting of your outdoor sign.

So often you hear business say it’s all about ‘location, location, location’. This is certainly true for many. Position is important because you need maximum visibility for a successful business outdoor sign. A recent research survey revealed that 92% of shoppers said they had been exposed to outdoor advertising just 30 minutes before purchasing. Additionally, 82% said they had bought on impulse as a result of an outdoor sign or advert. So location is important as well as size and text. Remember, there maybe rules and laws you need to comply with. For example does the property/land owner or council specify restrictions? How high can you position the sign? Decide all these points first as they will affect the design of your outdoor sign, the colours and the material it is made of.

Tip 2 -Design emphasises your business and brand

You need to stand out from the crowd and creative design will help ensure this. The design needs to be bold with a simple message. An outdoor sign has to attract attention, but make sure it’s for the right reason and not because it offends.

Remember, it’s possible that many people seeing your sign are visitors to the area, so first impressions are valuable. Your outdoor sign should comply with your corporate image. Different signs need different treatments. For instance an A board on a busy high street is there to create immediate impact. A sign on a business park may be informational. So directions are important. Think about – What? Where? and Why?

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Tip 3 – Information overload – avoid it

Your outdoor sign, depending on its location may only be seen fleetingly. So, make the message simple for viewers to read and recall. Detailed business information comes later. Keep your outdoor sign text simple for maximum effectiveness. Filling a sign with information ruins the impact and turns people away. “Less is More” – fewer words, bold headlines and contact details are probably all that is needed.

Business signs are opportunities for advertising. Just tell the people who you are, why to use you, what you do and where to find you. It does the trick

Tip 4 – Use the sign maker’s expertise.

A sign maker has knowledge and skill to advise you about your outdoor signage needs. Discuss your new sign as they will help with design, material, visibility and many other points you may not have even thought of. Gain from their experience, and act on their advice. A sign maker considers factors such as weather exposure, sunlight, reflection, image and design, night visibility and impact on the immediate surroundings. It could be the sign maker will look at your site as well to advise. Simply – listen to what they say and suggest.

Tip 5 – Have clear business marketing objectives

Remember your outdoor sign is part of your marketing. So make sure you have clear objectives to maximise the success. Carefully think why you are considering an outdoor sign. What has it got to achieve? What are you going to promote? Where will it be most effective? How do customers respond – by telephone, email, website or do they simply visit?

Make sure you take full advantage of this powerful advertising medium.

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*(All numbers and statistics are published by the Outdoor Advertising Association “OAA” and are available at www.oaa.org.uk.)

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