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KBS Signs manufacture and install signage across the South West and all over the UK. From large exterior signs and projecting signs to hanging signs and other interior signs, give us a call for all your signage needs.

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Signs are seen by everybody, everywhere. Outdoor signs promote a business, direct people and traffic or announce an event. Outdoor signage is a powerful way to attract attention. Outdoor signage, whether fixed or free standing creates an impression. KBS Signs & Digital Graphics make sure that your image attracts customer’s attention. We will advise you to ensure the image created is what you want and need.

KBS build signs for exterior or interior locations throughout the UK. Large exterior signs, hanging signs, projecting signs, safety signs and a full range of supporting interior signage. A Devon company with a national reputation and presence.

 The where decision – Position of outdoor signs.

Size breeds visibility for the sign graphics. Consider the height the outdoor sign can go. Position is important because you need maximum visibility. You want to locate your sign for maximum viewings.   Size, because there maybe rules and laws you need to obey. Height. How high can the sign be placed. There may be some restrictions needing consideration. Talk to us for FREE advice.

Decide all these points first, as they will affect the design of the sign, the colours and the material used. KBS take into account and advice on materials to withstand weather conditions for the site selected.

The why reasons for outdoor signs

Research reports by Hint Media ( that 92% of customers said they had seen some outdoor advertising just 30 minutes before they purchased. Also Hint Media reports that 82% said they had bought on impulse because of outdoor advertising. Proof indeed that signage has impact, is noticed and boosts business. KBS Signs turn ideas into

How to achieve success

KBS history of sign making stretches back 50 years. Our advice is FREE and based upon the knowledge, experience and skill built over our sign making history. Discuss your exterior or interior signage with us and we will advise about design, material, visibility and location. Weather and sun exposure may affect durability so material choice and spec are important. Sun may also influence visibility through brightness or reflection. Moreover, what about night visibility. You want the sign to work through the 24 hours cycle. We can cover this with signage lighting solutions or even Glow In The Dark signage graphics.

Signs come in all shapes and sizes, materials and building methods. KBS work with all types of substrates using cutting edge technology for images, graphics, lettering and installing.

To start the process is simple –

Telephone us and we will show you how simple it is for you.

01392 823 735…brings the answers. Whatever you want, wherever you want it, remember a sign speaks about your business.

Our creative graphic designers skill will ensure you get your message shown powerfully.

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