How to get the most from your outdoor banners

Outdoor banners provide a powerful and economic way to reach customers. They can be creative, carefully targeted and located in more areas than fixed signs. However, the question is do they work? Outdoor banners stimulate 82% of people to buy.

Outdoor Banner Printing

Just consider these Tips for your outdoor banner success

What is your outdoor banner for?

Firstly, you need to decide what you want the banner to do. Is it to announce an event or opening, direct people or promote something special like a launch or special offer?   Based upon this decision the text and design of the banner is produced. Remember with outdoor banners less is better – fewer words, bold headlines and contact details are probably all that is needed.

How to attract customers

Outdoor banner advertising raises awareness and branding. Branding is all about keeping your business in people’s minds. Outdoor advertising banners remind people about your brand or business when they are out and about. In other words you catch them unawares and this is powerful way to attract. Research shows that 82% of customers said they had bought on impulse as a result of an outdoor banner, sign or advert. Attract customers old and new.

Do not just think about a horizontal banner because sometimes a vertical display will create greater impact. If your business is in a crowed area then perhaps a vertical design will create impact and visibility.

Outdoor banners bring advertising opportunities. Just tell the people who you are, what you do and where to find you.


Of course location is important. Advertise locally using outdoor vinyl banners. In this way, the impact is often immediate and customers recognise your business or event location. It prompts them to act immediately. You can also drive enquiries to your on-line business.

Look carefully where the ideal position is for visibility. This is where your sign maker is helpful as they will suggest suitable sites. Also, knowing the sites they will advise about the material to be used, design and text. Your banner needs to be firmly fixed and this comes with its manufacture. Too few fastenings and it will droop and look uncared for. Is this the image you want to project?…..a flagging business. Of course not.

Move the banner around

It’s a good policy to move your outdoor banner or banners to new sites every few weeks. Customers get bored with seeing the same thing everyday. Because outdoor banners are so economic then perhaps have a few different ones to display. Think about this when you buy your banners.

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Your sign maker will advise about the quality of vinyl to be used. Your outdoor banner is going to be outside come rain, wind or sun. All weather conditions will be taken into account when the sign maker gives advice. Look at the samples provided and particularly at the seams, edges and the eyelets.   Do they all look substantial, because these are the features which will ensure durable display?

Act on the advice of the sign maker about your banners.

Make outdoor banners work for your business

So there you have it. When you are planning a marketing campaign think about outdoor banners. They add to the campaign success by filling gaps in media coverage. Their flexibility in display ability increases the site opportunities. Outdoor banners build brand identity.

So let’s just recap about the benefits of Outdoor Banners–

  • Outdoor banner advertising can increase sales
  • Out door banners build brand identity
  • Outdoor banners are ideal to launch new products or services locally
  • You can create consumer interaction
  • Your banner will create general awareness

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